Monday, January 4, 2010

Summary of New Year's Week Progress

Today I leave Bashful in the care of my father once again. We have made some fantastic progress in the last few days. I can now rub him his head and ears and down onto his neck. He will push his head through the coils of a lariat digging for a treat inside it and slowly lift his head to free himself from the coils. Perhaps the greatest change is how seldom he actually leaves me. He will still retreat when some movement or touch is too much, but he just jumps aside, pauses and returns. He wants to trust. He wants to be with me, he just needs more love and patience.


  1. i am so happy for Bashful!!!! he was so lucky that you were there!! i wish you both the very best-the Horse Gods are looking over you and hey are please I think!

  2. Waiting to hear how Bashful is doing? No posts for 10 months yet I keep checking back-i was there when he jumped